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European Day Spa's first location was 210 Pine Lake Avenue in La Porte. This busy location in the heart of La Porte business district served our spa for 9 years. Then we have decided to go with a new; tranquility and bliss spirit. Our recent location: 8116 Orchard Drive, Suite B in Michigan City has a quaint, relaxing and very close to the nature setting, a perfect location for a new trend spa. We are located an even distance from Michigan City and La Porte downtowns.Our location is very convenient for Long Beach, Grand Beach, Michiana Shores, Beverly Shores and New Buffalo residents.

Like the name of our Street indicates, we are surrounded by apple orchards, wooded wildlife preserve and beautiful evergreens on our property. The closeness with mother nature makes everybody feel more relaxed, healthy and happy, even before receiving services.


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My Story



Founder of European Day Spa - Monika Chramiec came here from Poland in 1994 with bachelor degrees in biology and chemistry. She holds Indiana Cosmetology License since 1996 practicing the art of skin care since that very year. She accomplished Massage Therapy Academy in Krakow, Poland in 1998, practicing massage therapy and skin care in Europe for the next 3 years.

Each year she is accomplishing continuing education training in new techniques of skin care. She specializes in EUROPEAN FACIAL TECHNIQUES.

Great education and long practice in this field makes her a very good skincare professional with great work ethics.

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